Our law firm represents the juror known as B-29 who deliberated along with five other jurors in the George Zimmerman trial, Sanford, Florida.  She is represented by attorney David Chico.


What would you do?

You’re called to jury duty, get selected and get sequestered for the duration of the trial.  All of this causes you to lose almost two months of income.  Afterward, your employer doesn’t ask you back to work, so you sell everything just to pay the bills.  Next, you, your husband and eight kids are homeless.

Jury duty is not supposed to lead to these consequences.  Especially when you did nothing wrong.  What would you do?

This is Maddy’s story.  Juror B-29 in the high profile murder trial of George Zimmerman.

Please help this family get back on their feet after jury duty

We are asking those that can help, to please send a donation to help this family.  Maddy and her husband are hard workers and are actively looking for employment.  They have not asked for a handout.  We choose to help them because their situation is a sad one.  Our system of justice, the best in the world, is not perfect.  But it is also not supposed to put people in this kind of predicament.

I’ve lost everything.  – Maddy

Maddy, a Certified Nursing Assistant, cares for eight children alongside her husband, who has worked in the airline industry and in maintenance.  They need our help.  Please consider making a donation by clicking on one of the links below.  Your generosity will help feed the kids while Maddy and her husband get back on their feet.  If you aware of job openings for a CNA, please forward that information using the form below.  Someone from our law firm will follow-up to the message.

100% of the donations will go to the family.  Thank you.

Photo:  Donna Svennevik/ABC



Maddy with newborn

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