Contempt and enforcement are means for which to gain compliance by a party who is not abiding by a court order.

Contempt, in its several forms, is utilized by the Court to enforce awards of child support and alimony, as well as to enforce actions which may be readily taken by a party. Likewise, contempt may be utilized to gain compliance with time-sharing and parenting orders. The Court has a vast array of contempt powers it may utilize to gain compliance of a party including most notably incarceration and attorney fee and costs sanctions.

Enforcement of orders is further means by which the Court may gain compliance of the party who is not abiding its court orders. Enforcement is similar to contempt although it is utilized to compel action versus contempt which may be utilized to punish for willful failures to act.
In either event, contempt and enforcement are tools utilized by the Court to set matters as ordered into appropriate effect.

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